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Technology proposal: Varnish Software

thcee on 27 June 2019, 20 days ago


I came across the reverse proxy services list and noticed that Varnish Software wasn't included, it's an offshoot of sorts from the open source Varnish Cache. Varnish Software is a major player in this field already servicing thousands of websites, being unique for only being focused on HTTP. and providing other solutions like content delivery networks, cloud services and streaming servers to name some. 

With the business growing over the past few years since 2010 when Varnish Software was officially formed, it remains a major resource for helping businesses with large scale caching, Web/API acceleration and a number of other solutions. 

Thank you for considering this entry for this list.


Kind regards 

Joshua Joda

Marketing Assistant, Varnish Software 

Sam Soltano (site administrator) on 27 June 2019, 20 days ago

Hi Joshua,

Thank you for that proposal.

Varnish is a technology that doesn't properly fit into our reverse proxy services category. We list service providers there, not tools. I understand, you can use Varnish to build your own "DIY CDN", as you call it, but it that case Varnish isn't the service provider.

We appreciate that Varnish is a significant web-related technology, but right now we don't have a category for that kind of tools.

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