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Technology proposal: WonderCMS

Robert on 8 February 2019, 1 year ago

Homepage: https://www.wondercms.com

Hello W3Techs!


WonderCMS is an extremely small and open source flat file CMS.

Runs on 5 files and a couple hundred lines of code. Doesn't require any setup or database. Completely free since 2008.


Here are some of the features and justification:



Sam Soltano (site administrator) on 12 February 2019, 1 year ago

Thank you for that proposal. We will examine this system for inclusion in our surveys.

Robert on 30 January 2020, 21 days ago

Hi Sam.

Is there any feedback or update in regards to the survey/entry - it's almost been a full year since we last spoke (cheers to 2020).


Some additional helpful info:

WonderCMS has been growing steady and is celebrating 12 years. There have been over 500.000 downloads since 2008.




Sam Soltano (site administrator) on 30 January 2020, 20 days ago

Hi Robert,

We could identity very few sites as running WonderCMS, but we keep looking.

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