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Technologies > Site Elements > Top Site Usage

Site elements ranked by usage on top websites

This diagram shows the share of top sites amongst all the sites for various site elements.

We calculate a top-site score from the usage of a technology by top sites compared to its usage by average sites. The score is derived from measurements at several traffic levels, but roughly speaking, score 2 means that usage of the technology is twice as common amongst top 1,000 sites than amongst top 10 million sites. Score -3 means that usage by top 10 million sites is three times as common as by top 1,000 sites. Only technologies used by 10 sites or more are included in this report. See technologies overview for further explanations on the methodologies used in the surveys.

How to read the diagram:
Usage of HTTP Strict Transport Security amongst top 1,000 sites is 3.2 times as common as amongst top 10 million sites.

HTTP Strict Transport Security
W3Techs.com, 24 April 2017
Top-site scores for site elements

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Technology Brief
Site Elements
Site elements are optional technical properties or features of websites.

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