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Technologies > Top Level Domains > .fr > Reports Overview > Market Report

Web Technology Usage Report for France (top level domain .fr)

Get all the information about web technologies used on .fr sites in an extensive report.

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How well do you know your market? Find out who your most promising prospects are, and how they look like. Discover in which parts of the market your competition thrives.

Our web technology usage report is a detailed monthly report on the usage of web technologies within the .fr top level domain (France). The report comes via email as a PDF file and has over 220 pages covering this information:

  • Top Level Domains Overview Reports
    • Usage Report
      How popular is each of the top level domains? Shows percentages of usage for all 908 top level domains. Also shows how much these figures changed compared to the last month and to the last year.
    • Historical Trend Report
      How did the popularity of the top level domains change over time? Shows tables and diagrams of monthly trends of usage for all top level domains since January 2010.
    • Growth Rate Report
      Which are the fastest growing top level domains? Shows the current growth rates in the usage of all top level domains both in absolute figures and percentages in the last month and in the last year.
    • New Site Usage Report
      How popular is each of the top level domains among new sites? Shows percentages of usage for all top level domains among sites that were first visited in the last month, because they have only recently entered the top 10 million sites.
    • Top Site Usage Report
      Which top level domains are primarily used by high traffic sites? Shows for each top level domain the share of top sites among all the sites that use that specific top level domain.
  • .fr-specific Reports
    • Historical Trend Report
      How did the popularity of .fr change from month to month? Shows tables and diagrams of monthly trends of usage for .fr since December 2009.
    • Ranking Breakdown Report
      Is the popularity of .fr higher among high traffic sites? Shows usage of .fr broken down by popularity ranges of the Alexa ranking, that is among the top 1 million sites, the top 100,000, the top 10,000 and the top 1,000 sites. Also shows the popularity rank of .fr among all top level domains in these ranges and the most popular alternative top level domain.
    • Market Position Report
      Where in the market diagram lies .fr? Shows the market position of .fr in terms of popularity and usage by high traffic sites, compared to the most popular top level domains.
    • List of the 300 most popular sites using .fr.
  • Web Technology Usage Reports on .fr sites
    • Technologies Breakdown and Segmentation Reports
      Which technologies are particularily popular among .fr sites? A set of reports evaluating the usage percentages and rankings of web technologies on .fr sites compared to the overall usage of those technologies. This shows, for example, usage and market share and rank for each Content Management System among .fr sites compared to the popularity on all websites. Also shows the rank of .fr among all top level domains within the sites that use each Content Management System and compares the usage rate of .fr to the most popular alternative top level domain in each category.

      These detailed reports are available for the following categories of web technologies:

      • Content Management Systems
      • Server-side Programming Languages
      • Client-side Programming Languages
      • JavaScript Libraries
      • Web Servers
      • Operating Systems
      • Web Hosting Providers
      • Data Center Providers
      • Reverse Proxy Services
      • DNS Server Providers
      • Email Server Providers
      • SSL Certificate Authorities
      • JavaScript Content Delivery Networks
      • Traffic Analysis Tools
      • Advertising Networks
      • Tag Managers
      • Social Widgets
      • Site Elements
      • Structured Data Formats
      • Markup Languages
      • Character Encodings
      • Image File Formats
      • Server Locations
      • Content Languages

Please see technologies overview for explanations on the methodologies used in the surveys, and read our disclaimer to learn about possible incompleteness and inaccuracy of our data.

Table of Content

This is a preview of the current report's table of content.

1. About this Survey 3
2. Quick Summary 5
3. Top Level Domains, Industry Overviews 6
3.1. Usage Overview 6
3.2. Historical Trends 33
3.2.1. Monthly Usage 33
3.2.2. Yearly Usage 39
3.3. Growth Rates 45
3.4. New Site Usage 68
3.5. Top Site Usage 84
4. .fr, Technology Market Reports 102
4.1. Historical Trends 102
4.2. Ranking Breakdown 107
4.3. Market Position 108
4.4. Breakdown and Segmentation Reports 109
4.4.1. Content Management Systems 109
4.4.2. Server-side Programming Languages 125
4.4.3. Client-side Programming Languages 127
4.4.4. JavaScript Libraries 129
4.4.5. Web Servers 133
4.4.6. Operating Systems 137
4.4.7. Web Hosting Providers 139
4.4.8. Data Center Providers 159
4.4.9. Reverse Proxy Services 167
4.4.10. DNS Server Providers 169
4.4.11. Email Server Providers 179
4.4.12. SSL Certificate Authorities 189
4.4.13. JavaScript Content Delivery Networks 191
4.4.14. Traffic Analysis Tools 193
4.4.15. Advertising Networks 199
4.4.16. Tag Managers 203
4.4.17. Social Widgets 205
4.4.18. Site Elements 207
4.4.19. Structured Data Formats 211
4.4.20. Markup Languages 213
4.4.21. Character Encodings 215
4.4.22. Image File Formats 217
4.4.23. Server Locations 219
4.4.24. Content Languages 225
4.5. Popular Sites using .fr 227


Purchasing this report entitles you to use the information within your organization and in direct non-public communication with your business partners. The data may not be published or sold to third parties.


If you want to order this report, please proceed to the order form.

This is what people say about our web technology market reports:

"Your report is extremely valuable. I love everything you guys have put in there."
Richard D. Worth, Board Member, jQuery Foundation

"This report is awesome. Thank you so much."
Pete Davies, Premium Services Lead, WordPress.com

"The reports W3Techs have been doing are extremely interesting and thought provoking. At Nginx we've been tracking them already for a while, to the level where we consider these reports to be one of our essential market research instruments. W3Techs did it in a new interesting way and we're looking forward to work with these tools."
Andrew Alexeev, Co-Founder, Nginx Inc.

"Your WordPress report gave us invaluable insights into the WordPress market which, I am confident to say, we wouldn't have got from anywhere else. I am much impressed by W3Techs, thank you!"
Lisa Sanovski, Editor, Web Dev, Web Hosting Rating

"Thanks to the awesome guys at W3Techs we've now got a much better picture of how and why people are using cdnjs. You guys rock!"
Ryan Kirkman, Co-Founder, CDNJS

"Your WordPress market report provided valuable insights into our potential customer base, which we will put into use for our product development."
Dev, Editor, DesignBombs

"W3Techs is my go-to source for web tracking data, and is highly reputable in the CMS space. Many analyses that I have conducted would have been difficult or impossible to do without W3Tech’s data."
Kevan Yalowitz, Senior Manager, Accenture

"Your WordPress report gave me an awesome overview of WP market share. This helps me to put together some awesome content pieces for people to read."
Robert Mening, Web Developer, Hosting Facts

"Your report is very useful. It gave our development team some ideas on how to direct product evolutions."
Matthieu Aubry, Lead Developer, Matomo (formerly Piwik)

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