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Custom Web Technology Market Reports

If our standard web technology market reports do not contain what you are looking for, we can always generate a custom report for you.

Custom reports may contain any information that can be derived via filtering, grouping or combination of data from our technology surveys.

There is, obviously, a huge variety of reports that can be generated, but these are typical examples of reports we generate frequently:

  • List of domains that are using a certain technology, e.g. a certain content management system, for example WordPress.
  • List of UK domains (.uk) that are using a certain technology, e.g. a certain advertising network.
  • List of the top sites (based on traffic) that use a certain version of a technology, e.g. Nginx version 1.8.
  • List of the top sites that started using a certain technology, e.g. a certain web hosting provider, in the last three months, and whose visitors come primarily from USA.


The cost of a custom report depends very much on its volume and complexity, and thus on the effort to generate it. As a rule of thumb, "list of domains" reports like in the examples above would cost 100 Euro plus 10 Eurocent per domain.

Request a Custom Report

Please contact us via email to let us know what your specific needs are.

This is what people say about our web technology market reports:

"The reports gave our team valuable insights into the WordPress market which enables us to provide more comprehensive hosting reviews. You guys rock!"
James Wilson, Editor, UK Web Host Review

"Thanks to the awesome guys at W3Techs we've now got a much better picture of how and why people are using cdnjs. You guys rock!"
Ryan Kirkman, Co-Founder, CDNJS

"Your WordPress report gave me an awesome overview of WP market share. This helps me to put together some awesome content pieces for people to read."
Robert Mening, Web Developer, Hosting Facts

"W3Techs is my go-to source for web tracking data, and is highly reputable in the CMS space. Many analyses that I have conducted would have been difficult or impossible to do without W3Tech’s data."
Kevan Yalowitz, Senior Manager, Accenture

"Your report is very useful. It gave our development team some ideas on how to direct product evolutions."
Matthieu Aubry, Lead Developer, Piwik

"Your WordPress market report provided valuable insights into our potential customer base, which we will put into use for our product development."
Dev, Editor, DesignBombs

"Your report is extremely valuable. I love everything you guys have put in there."
Richard D. Worth, Board Member, jQuery Foundation

"The reports W3Techs have been doing are extremely interesting and thought provoking. At Nginx we've been tracking them already for a while, to the level where we consider these reports to be one of our essential market research instruments. W3Techs did it in a new interesting way and we're looking forward to work with these tools."
Andrew Alexeev, Co-Founder, Nginx Inc.

"This report is awesome. Thank you so much."
Pete Davies, Premium Services Lead, WordPress.com

"We ordered an extensive report on JavaScript libraries and couldn't be happier with it. Thanks to W3Techs, we have collected all the data we needed."
Marco Mijatovic, Marketing Manager, Firstsiteguide.com

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