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No web page found at non-www url


Most web servers a configured in a way, so that they serve both www and non-www urls. That means, http://example.com/ and http://www.example.com/ show the same page.

If we cannot get a web page at the non-www url, we try the www version. Normally that also fails, but some web sites succeed in that case, which is a sign for an unusual and problematic server configuration.


Some users may not see your site, because they (or their browsers) try only one url version.

Although most modern browsers would automatically try both versions before they report an error to the user, one should keep in mind that the web is more and more surfed using devices such as mobile phones, game consoles or TV sets, which may have less capable and error tolerant browsers.

Additionally, search engines may not retrieve all of your pages, so that people interested in your site's topics may not find it.


Configure your server so that both www and non-www urls are showing pages. Ideally, one version should make a redirect to the other via a permanent redirect, returning HTTP status code 301.

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