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No title declaration


The title element of an HTML or XHTML page briefly describes the purpose of the page, see W3C style guide. If there is no title, this essential piece of information is missing.


Although the title text is not directly visible on the page (and therefore easy to forget), it is important for the following reasons:

  • The title text is shown in the title bar of the browser window. If the user switches windows, the title gives an indication about the content of the various windows.
  • The title text is used when a web page is bookmarked in a browser. Without this text, it is very difficult to identify what a bookmark is about.
  • The title text is often shown in search engine result pages and in other machine-generated listings. It helps search engine users to decide whether or not to visit the page.
  • Search engines tend to use the keywords in the title text more than any other text on the page for their rankings.


Always include a title in every web page. Example:

<title>This is what this page is about</title>

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