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Site Info - Colorificiogrossich.it

Overview of web technologies used by Colorificiogrossich.it.

Website Background

Colorificio Grossich, Negozio specializzato in prodotti per arti grafiche e Belle Arti
Colorificio Grossich : - Accessori, Articoli grafica e disegno, Ausiliari & Medium, Aerografia, Carte e blocchi, Cavalletti per pittura, Colori - Acquerello, Colori - Acrilici, Colori - Olio, Colori - Chine e Inchiostri, Colori - Pigmenti & Glitter, Colori - Tempera, Doratura e Restauro, Hobby & Bambini, Inchiostri, Incisione & Sbalzo, Libri & Manuali, Matite, Paste da modellare, Pastelli & Crete, Pennelli, Pennarelli / Marker, Pirografia, Penne a china, Scultura & Modellato, Tele per pittura, Vernici finali e fissative, Modellismo, Colori - Tessuti, Varie, Episcopi e piani luminosi, Pennini & Calligrafia, Manga & Fumetto, Buoni regalo, Colori per il viso - Truccabimbi,

Description on Homepage

Number 3,357,910 of all websites according to Alexa

Popularity rank

Zen Cart is an open source shopping cart and online store system based on PHP and MySQL by Zen Ventures.

Zen Cart

PHP is a popular scripting language for creating web pages.

PHP 5.6.36
(version 5.6.35 used until recently)

JavaScript is a lightweight, object-oriented, cross-platform scripting language, mainly used within web pages.


jQuery is a JavaScript library that simplifies HTML document traversing, event handling, animating and Ajax interaction. Originally developed by John Resig.


Bootstrap is an open source HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework.


HTML5 is the fifth revision of the HTML standard.


ISO-8859-1 (informally also called Latin-1) is an 8-bit character set for Western European languages.


PNG (Portable Network Graphics) is a lossless compression image format, suitable to store graphics with uniformly colored areas, and originally introduced as a free, open-source successor of GIF.


JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) is a lossy compression method suitable to store photographic images.


GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) is a lossless compression image format, originally introduced by CompuServe and suitable to store graphics, logos and simple animations.


External Cascading Style Sheets define style rules in a separate CSS file.

External CSS

Embedded Cascading Style Sheets define a set of style rules in a <style> element within a web page.

Embedded CSS

Inline Cascading Style Sheets define style rules directly within an (X)HTML element using the style attribute.

Inline CSS

Session cookies are temporary cookies, which are deleted when the user closes the browser.

Session Cookies

HttpOnly cookies are used only in the HTTP protocol and not in client side scripts, which may increase security.

HttpOnly Cookies

Non-secure cookies may be used via an unencrypted connections, which may be a security threat.

Non-Secure Cookies

The SSL certificate is invalid because it is not issued for the domain where it is used.

Invalid Domain

Google Analytics is a free service to get detailed statistics about the visitors of a website, provided by Google.

Google Analytics

Nginx (pronounced as "engine X") is a lightweight open source web server developed by Igor Sysoev.


Unix is a range of operating systems originally developed at Bell Labs. This contains Unix and Unix-like systems, such as Linux.


OVH is an Internet service provider providing dedicated servers, shared and cloud hosting, headquartered in France.

hosting info based on data from ipinfo.io, see details





Technology Score

The technology score rates a site based on its technologies in a range from 0 to 100. It consists in a popularity score (how many sites use the same technologies), a traffic score (how much traffic have other sites using the same technologies) and a version score (how many sites use more recent technology versions). Quality alerts also affect the rating.

TotalPopularity TrafficVersion
Technology Score617745
Content Management Systems13423
Server-side Programming Languages679143
Client-side Programming Languages7510051
JavaScript Libraries729946
Markup Languages698552
Traffic Analysis Tools729351
Web Servers596255
Operating Systems618340

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