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Site Info - 3d-grottan.se

Overview of web technologies used by 3d-grottan.se.

Website Background

3D-Grottan.se - Sveriges största leverantör med bredaste sortiment av delar till 3D-Skrivare. Snabba leveranser av plast, filament, delar, byggsatser och tillbehör. 3D-Grottan drivs sedan 2014 av Bachman Elektronik AB vilka varit verksamma inom Automation och Mekatronik sedan 1991.

Description on Homepage

Number 729,241 of all websites according to Alexa

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The technology score rates a site based on its technologies in a range from 0 to 100. It consists in a popularity score (how many sites use the same technologies), a traffic score (how much traffic have other sites using the same technologies) and a version score (how many sites use more recent technology versions). Quality alerts also affect the rating.

TotalPopularity TrafficVersion
Technology Score0
1 Quality Alert-5

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