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Find out, which technologies a particular website is using.

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Our bookmarklet provides a convenient way to see the technologies of the sites you visit.
--> W3Techs <-- Don't click here. Drag it to your browser's toolbar or add it to your favorites bar/bookmarks by clicking the right mouse button. Then click on it whenever you visit a site whose technologies you want to know. If the concept of bookmarklets is new to you, you may read more about it on Wikipedia.

Browser Extensions

Our browser extensions work similar to the bookmarklet, but they use the browsers capabilities to open a new tab for showing the current sites web technologie, so that your site visits are not interrupted.

Firefox Add-On
Get the Firefox add-on.

Google Chrome extensionGoogle Chrome extension
Get the Google Chrome extension.

Sites with recent
Technology Changes
Dokodemolan.com switched from XHTML to HTML and from Shift JIS to ISO-8859-1
Roridouga.net switched from Apache to Nginx
Pinoyrecipe.net switched from Cookies expiring in months to Cookies expiring in hours and from Persistent Cookies to Session Cookies
Uwsn.org switched from Apache to Nginx and from Session Cookies to Persistent Cookies and from Non-HttpOnly Cookies to HttpOnly Cookies and from Cookies expiring in hours to Cookies expiring in months and from GoDaddy Group to Comodo
Idnetter.com switched from Apache to Nginx
Rt.net switched from GoDaddy Group to DigiCert
Groom4jee.com switched from ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8
Groveinstruments.com switched from XHTML to HTML and from External CSS to Embedded CSS
Santosfcaovivo.com switched from HTML to XHTML
Wildlifewaystation.org switched from XHTML to HTML
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